Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sales are for the middle class...

And the upper class do not hit Harrods around this fanatic time. Where do they go? They are mostly enjoying the sun in the Caribbean's, skiing away in some resorts and get pampered later...or, hunting in the wild?

For the first time I headed out on Boxing Day (last year I was boxing, yes, packing up around Christmas time), went to Harrods, coincidently, had their sales started on Boxing Day as well (they didn't usually start until the 28th, feeling the pinch now maybe?), triumphed the store (or not at all)...and left with some Myla and Princesse Tam Tam. I had all the Clarins half-priced skincare in my hands, and was too proud and pissed off, left them all and headed straight up to the lingerie department. Nothing is better than having fine lingerie.

Lots and lots of Orientals (not exclusively but mostly) were queuing from probably god-forbidden hours until 3 in the afternoon...there was still a long queue, believe me. For what? For Gucci. I almost wanted to cry. I sent a text to my friend and he said: All I can say is this is a sad world.

I agree. After that I was pretty much tired of the whole sales scene. Tired of myself being one of those...however the weather on that day was pretty pleasant.

A friend was right, during sales you will always end up buying stuff that you don't really need.

Well, that's is true. Hence I went to Tod's for twice, looked at the long pretty boots twice, and still, didn't buy them. I am not a boots person, although that being said, everyone keeps insisting that every women should have a pair of long boots.
Well, every women should have a Chanel LBD, no?

This year X'mas venture, chronologically:
Burberry wool/cashmere trench in burgundy, the best buy of all
a set from Myla, a set from Princesse Tam Tam
Chloe eau de parfum
Missoni gloves, always always love the Missoni patern
a pair of purple suede heels from Tod's
two L'occitane moiturisers and two Paul & Joe whitening moisturisers...can't go wrong with half price.

A year ago I was still in between the high street scene and the designer scene...now, think I have shifted.

Till then. x

Saturday, November 14, 2009

JImmy Choo for H&M, in this heavily raining London...

Well, here are some photos! I live around High Street Kensington and I seriously didn't expect to see such a long queue! Damn, it's not like Jimmy Choo is having a clearance is it? Even so, I wouldn't have queued, just not that kind of person...but if it were Louboutin, maybe... :p

Well, bravo to H&M who did it again, and again...I much prefer the Commes des Garçons collaboration to be honest.

Have a look at the collection on Hennes' website.

The staff who was organising the queue tried to informed her colleague about me taking snapshots! :p I walked away elegantly before they could do anything :p

They are arranged according to time line...all taken within 5 minutes! :)

3 blocks, or more...I guessed there were more than 200 of them, two girls at the very front were there since last night 9pm! Amazing dedication (for a collaboration)!

Store opened, finally! :p The wait was finally over!

People are so happy, and yes, there were a few men! :p

I love human's dedication on stuff like this! <333

Monday, October 26, 2009

The connection between races and intelligence, is there any tangible connection?

So I was watching this programme on Channel Four. They are doing a series of programmes related to race, the most avoided topic. The so-called Race: Science’s last taboo.
So what is race? What is racism?
There have been a fair few discussions throughout the 80 minutes programme with me and my flatmate. He is a biologist, a true believer of science and will only accept science as the fundamentals of life.
I am a statistician and the way we work is we draw a hypothesis, if we can’t prove it wrong then the hypothesis stands. It sounds silly but this is just the way it works.
Of course I am not saying that there is a direct correlation between race and intelligence. People tend to do generalisation without actually examining the more complicated processes of it, such as up-bringing, environment, nutrition, etc. We do this because it is simply easier to accept the concept, like the profiling methods used in HR and management. We pigeonhole people because it is easier to categorise people and manage them. Individualism just doesn’t work, especially in big organisation.
My flatmate was actually quite shocked when he was watching the programme. While on another hand, this is like something casual we talk across the dining table. It didn’t affect me what so ever, it just confirm more to me that a lot of people are simply ignorant and are happy being so.
I am not white, I am coloured. If you define racism as having opinion on people of different colours, then I might be a racist according to this definition. I only read facts and interpret from them, nothing more nothing less. I do not hold any emotions or grudges toward people who “look” different from me. So am I racist or not?
It is so sterile here and people are so afraid to voice their opinions especially when it comes to this taboo. If people can acknowledge the underlying factors of the relevant matters, then perhaps there would be less dumb ass like Nick Griffin. I simply couldn’t believe there is someone like him out there and being a leader of a political party? You must be joking me.
It’s sad but it is true that the society is not made up by intellects. Intellects are not the majority of the society. If so then George Bush wouldn’t have been the president of the United States.
I believe there is no absolute objectiveness in people, everyone is subjective to some extends, and this is all relative.
So why don’t you complain or moan when you see posters in your local GPs such as: if you are of such and such “ethnic groups”, you are of higher risk of this disease? SO it is OK to compromise when there is something beneficial to yourself, i.e. more researches to seek the root of genetical influenced diseases so it can be cured eventually?
People are just all selfish at the end of the day.