Friday, May 07, 2010

Sales, sales, sales...

I must admit that when I saw this news, I almost shouted. Damn, it's L'Oreal sales. And it is one day only. From what I saw (from some blogger's report of last year event, the number of people attending/queuing in the venue just put me off. Seriously, it LOOKS much worse than THE Harrods' sales (at least most people who were queuing from what I saw were queuing for the designers' bags, and the fragrances as well...)

I love Shu Uemura, I have almost every brushes they have on the shelves, I have one of the best customer-makeup artist relationship with Shu in Harvey Nichols. I recognise their faces and I know who is the good one and who is in power. I was even given the LE train case (Shu by Mika holiday 2008 Christmas collection) as a Christmas present. So what else can I ask for?

Giorgio Armani. I knew the GA manager well (in Selfridges) and I was given a lot of insider tips from here. It was still in the early age since Armani cosmetics was founded and I was really into it around 2007. Then I fell out of love with it. One note, I found the price in Paris (even after the horrible exchange rate between € and £) was much cheaper.

Kiehls...this is one thing I am looking to venture in but I don't think at this time with the limited resources I have, I am able to do that.

L'Oreal group has recently acquired YSL Beaute. However, I don't think YSL will be offered in the sales tomorrow.

Lancome...I can live without it.

Plus, I have asked Monsieur A to bring me a list of something (mostly from Chanel and Dior) I don't think it is justifiable for me to go on another spree.

The guilt of letting the sales slip away between my fingers is just eating me away! *Argh!*


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